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"What the hell is Uumrrk? No clue. Two untitled sides of minimal sound here, performed live in Coimbra, Portugal. An almost non existent venom bomp, dirt clump and repeat. Creeping dread, like wandering a dark alley with poor vision and misty air, rank smell of garbage surrounds. What’s behind that dumpster? Vaguely familiar delay-laden scritch scratch like rats chewing wires morphs eventually into almost tangible / pseudo-rhythmic death trance.. What starts out as wispy dark woolen threads unravels to become straight up sci-fi death dream atmosphere by tapes end. Avoiding all boring drone wank or predictable synth mangle and opting for a more effective and natural attack, with what seems exclusively of an electro-acoustic nature. Fade out at end of A to only fade in with what sounds like an extension of same session, I can hang. If I were to guess at the instrumentation I would guess guitar is probably in there somewhere, though is barely recognizable as such. No strum strum here, bub. Ricochet string scrape and tubular funeral sound. Like being trapped alone in an underground tunnel, choking on black coal smoke. Light crunch walks over a circular two note motif, like bare footsteps over abandoned insect shell. Cockroach tone. Most definitely not melodic, but not entirely without it’s own beauty, a lush sensibility of fear. Despite being only twenty minutes of material, these tracks still manage to successfully engulf the listener into a frightening and foggy dreamworld. Not without physical danger, but more firmly rooted in that apprehension, or the preceding fear of the physical threat, which to my ear is what makes the work so effective. Like a horror movie that never actually shows the monster, making it that much more scary. Nice meditation score for the restless corpse in the family.


released June 9, 2013

Performed and recorded live, May 8th 2013 in Coimbra (Portugal), by Eduardo Pécurto, Manuel Pereira, and Tiago Jerónimo.



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UUMRRK Coimbra, Portugal

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